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5 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Shows You Should Watch

Looking for some Fantasy & Sci-Fi inspiration? Here are 5 shows you should definitely check out.

Crossroads: The Unexpected Debut

I always thought my first published book was going to be some epic Fantasy novel – one with dragons and magic and swords. (Think Game of Thrones but make it Black.) My debut book, however, is a collection of poems, entitled Crossroads. My younger self would be shocked, but also oh so proud.


Originally posted on Geni Kafo'ere Writes :
My stomach felt as though a chasm was growing deeper by the second inside of it. I had unknowingly balled my fists up so tight, I released by clenched fingers, blood rushed through them, returning the pink hue to my palms and yet the rest of me still…

5 Ways to Love Yourself More

It’s okay if you have a hard time loving yourself sometimes. We all do. Whether it’s just a few bad days or a constant uphill battle, you’re not alone.


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