A poetic journey through struggle, loss, love, healing, and ultimately, growth.

“When we hear the word ‘crossroads’ we usually think of choices – of having to pick between two things that can never coexist. In Mythology, though, crossroads are referred to as the place where worlds intersect. They are the center, the in-between, the location where things we never thought were meant to meet do just that.”

Praise for “Crossroads: A Collection of Poems”

I read the first few poems and could instantly relate! I’m already excited to read more.”

My excitement reading this book could be compared to sitting down and eating a slice of cheesecake. I want to indulge more than I should but as I turn each page I have to stop and savor it. The journey of reading Crossroads is like talking a walk with the author, or a slow car ride, with motion pictures outside the window normalizing the fact that we all at some point in our lives experience that bitch called depression while showing how it’s possible to accept this shadow and still find self-love.”

My mom gave one of her friends ‘Crossroads’. She said It’s DYNAMIC. She’s going to be ordering 3 more.”

From tales that transport you to an entirely different world to those that carry the comforting familiarity of being home, Khaila Gentle is dedicated to telling stories that often blur the line between the worlds of fantasy and reality.

A proud Belizean woman of Afro-Caribbean descent, she wishes to fill the Fantasy and Sci-fi genres with stories of those who, like herself, never imagined seeing themselves in the pages of a book when they were growing up.