The place where joy, love, loss and hurt all intersect. That is where you’ll find the essence of life itself.

Crossroads is a poetic journey through depression, loss, self-hate, self-love, and ultimately, growth. It tells the tale of a young woman’s path towards accepting that struggle and joy can (and often do) coexist. Through sharing her own struggles with mental health along with her life experiences, Khaila Gentle paints a picture so vivid that the reader is able to find solace in knowing not only that we all have our own battles to fight but that it does one day get easier.

Men who love to wander often go missing in riverside towns — or at least that’s what the rumors say. But Ryan Sutherland isn’t a man who believes in rumors, especially not the one about his late father being taken by something unnatural.

After a strange encounter on the river though, Ryan might just have to reconsider his stance on rumors…along with his priorities.

Land of the Gods is a Caribbean and Latin American-inspired tale of epic proportions. Filled with deities and demons and magic aplenty, this fantasy adventure explores themes of grief, power, healing, belief, and the human connection to them all.

Faye Williamson lives in defiance of the gods, striving to become one of Azura’s most powerful alchemists, determined to one day strike back at those who took her brother away from her. But when she discovers an ancient relic with enough spiritual power to summon something far older, crueler, and darker than Azura’s deities, Faye is thrust into the very world of Gods and Monsters she despises.

Mock cover artwork: Fortune by Sergey-Lesiuk on DeviantART)

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