A beautiful piece for Mother’s Day by a dear friend

Geni Kafo'ere Writes

My stomach felt as though a chasm was growing deeper by the second inside of it. I had unknowingly balled my fists up so tight, I released by clenched fingers, blood rushed through them, returning the pink hue to my palms and yet the rest of me still felt numb.
Back to the growing pit of nothingness in my stomach. I placed my hand on it. Willing peace to descend on me. Nothing came of it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and so did the result of my final exams. I passed well. My required course credits to pass on to the second year of my undergraduate degree had all been met. Around me was a mixture of reactions, hushed curses, collective sighs of immense relief and what may as well be prayers for deliverance. I whispered my own prayer. To deliver me from the anxiety that was kicking…

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